Guild Rules


1. Be courteous to all players, regardless if they are fellow guild members. Present a positive face for the guild and help maintain the good reputation we've built over the years.

2. No Cheating, Hacking, or Exploiting. If anyone is found to be in breach of any game policies you will be reported to Blizzard and removed from the Guild. No second chance.

3. Begging other guild members will not be tolerated. If you need help with something politely ask in guild chat, if someone can help you they will, if not do not keep asking.

4. Applying to another guild while a member of The Shadowstalkers will be considered to be a resignation from the guild and you will be removed immediately.





Any guild member who is inactive for one month or more without prior notice may be removed from the guild. Any guild member who is taking an extended break with the intent to return can notify an officer and a note will be made of the expected return date, if you do not return within one month of that date you may be removed from the guild. Any guild member who is removed due to inactivity may be reinstated upon returning at the discretion of the officers.




Any issues will be addressed as soon as possible by the Guild Master or an officer. If an officer is present please bring the situation to their attention and provide them with all the information you can (including screenshots if necessary). Please do not take it upon yourselves to address any disputes yourself and wait for an officer to mediate.





Raid Information


We raid every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday from 19:50 until 23:00 server time. All guild invites are done via the in game calendar and you are expected to use and accept the raids. We expect a good level of attendance, if it falls below expectations we may decide you are unsuitable for our raid group and removed from it.

Loot will be handled via loot council to ensure loot is distributed in a way that best benefits the raid group and our progression.

We will operate a group larger than the required 20 man setup in order to have reserve raiders each fight, rotations will be handled fairly based on the required setup and wherever possible the individual loot needs. Any issue with rotations should be discussed with the Guild Master or an Officer at a convenient time.

We will keep an eye on the performance of each player to ensure everyone is playing to the best of their abilities and help wherever possible, please keep up-to-date on the latest class changes and theory crafting to optimise your performance.




Raid Rules


The following rules are set out for the benefit of our raid group and are non-negotiable, every raider must be aware of these rules and failing to abide by them may lead to your removal from the raid group.

1. You must have all guild required add-ons installed and up to date, a full list of those required can be found in the raid section of the forum. It is the raider's responsibility to be aware of the latest requirements and failing to do so may lead to rotation.

2. Raiders are required to be online on their mains, or contactable on their alt 15 minutes prior to raid start time. If on standby for a particular encounter you must be available to be rotated in immediately.

3. You must accept the raid invites on the in-game calendar. If you are unable to make a raid please ensure you post the reason for the absence and the expected length on the Absences thread on the forum at least 24 hours before the raid.

4. You are required to be waiting at the raid instance entrance prior to the raid start time, it is not the responsibility of everyone else to be your personal summoning stones!

5. All raiders are required to be prepared, by bringing all potions, elixirs, flasks, reagents, and food. You should do your utmost to prepare your character to the best level possible outside of raids via dungeons or any other means. Flask/potions, enchanting materials and food are all provided for you for free by the guild bank so please donate!

6. You are required to keep talking to a minimum just prior to engaging and whilst fighting a boss so that instructions by the raid leader can be heard by all participants, the rest of the time chatting is more than encouraged!

7. You must have Ventrilo and be able to speak!